China  Girl
©  by  Nephtalí

in the classrooms                                                and the world
in the city                                                            loves your pin yin
China girl                                                            Putonghua speech
always so many                                                   and your English
in the train                                                           (come on !)
the packed train                                                   hen ke ai !
                                                                         you cute girls
the moon looks
for your smile                                                      you’re so many
every night                                                          and your heart
and you inside                                                     is so kind
a small space                                                       you can save
                                                                         humankind !
with a soul
bigger than                                                          somebody  
the China wall                                                      gotta tell
dreams larger                                                       the big boss
than the sea                                                         don´t forget
                                                                         your thirst
your pretty eyes
see farther                                                           humankind
than the river                                                       gotta smile
Yangtze                                                              at you first!