© by  Nephtalí


poetry, where does it come from ?

it comes from the abyss

from the nights without light

from the desperate sun and the native canvas

where the soul paints and writes about its fevers…


poetry is the divine word

born form the sea and the storm made of thorns

from the crazy flowers – crafty and in love

from the drunk and sweet kiss

beyond a modest chill


it comes from there

from the ancient conversation

which lulls a good rest

it comes from the traveler –

vagabond migrant

that serene and exalted restlessness

that fire on the edge of the cup

a fierce explosion is poetry




                                   “Poetry” originally written in Spanish,

                                    Spanish version is lost somewhere…












shi, ta yuan zi yu he fang?


ta yuan zi yu you leng de shen yuan.


ta yuan zi yu wu guang de ye wan,


ta yuan zi yu jue wang fen shi de lie yang he yuan shi de hua bu.


yong ling hun po mo hui bi, miao hui wu jin de re lie chi kuang.



shi, shi zui shen sheng de ci yu.


ta yuan zi yu da hai yu jin ji zhu jiu de bao feng yu,


ta yuan zi yu chi lian de hua duo -- hun ji qie zhui ru ai he.


ta yuan zi yu ling ren tao zui de mi wen,


ta chao yue l e shen cang de ren xing de mo ran.


ta yuan zi yu an shui zhi hou hui xin de jiao tan,


ta yuan zi yu lv ren,


qian yi de liu lang zhe.


ping jing er xiong yong de zao dong xiang huo yan zai bei zi de bian yuan ran shao.


ta men bao fa cheng le wo xin zhong de shi.

Translated into Chinese by:

Yinhong Ma

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