Diles                                                      Tell them

© Nephtalí                                                                                    © Nephtalí


diles que te quiero                                                   tell them I love you

que me gustas                                                         that I like you

que te gusto                                                            that you like me

nomás diles                                                             just tell them


que tu tienes diles                                                   tell them you have

quien quiere tu corazón                                           someone that wants your heart

quien besa tu boquita                                              someone to kiss your little mouth

con profunda devoción                                           with deep devotion


diles así mi vidita                                                     tell them so my little darling

diles  así preciosita                                                  tell them so my little precious

diles tú que me preocupa                                        tell them I care so much

el calor de tu intención                                            about  your warm intentions


que tú tienes diles                                                    tell them you have

quien te quiere diles                                                someone  that really wants you

diles tú así mi amorcito                                            tell them so my little love  


diles que llevas mi sangre                                        tell them my blood is flowing

¡en cada palpitación!                                               in each beating of your heart!