Maria Kurilenko



No coincidence


 © by Maria Kurilenko


I offered you a bitter chocolate,

But you ran after a sweet caramel.

Your eyes went for the brightest,

My eyes remained upon the bed.


I brought some jasmine flowers to your home,

You chose the sweetness of perfume.

I always thought that fame was just a rush,

But yet you serve her like a knight.


I so enjoyed the calm sound of the stream,

But you enjoyed the loud noise of the waterfall.

I write on paper with a feather,

You like the buttons of a serenade.


I stood so still looking at the sky,

You faded when the flash went by.

I was enthralled by a summer dragonfly,

You didn’t even see its beauty.


My love story contains page after page.

It would be hard to guess the plot.

I’ve thought about it quite a lot,

But you will just skim through the pages…