Nephtalí De León




lectures, talks, and delivers poetry and art in barrios,

schools, community events...


This is the same Chicano Gypsy Poet

whom at least one American President sent his daughter

a get well wish just before taking off

to a world summit on economics...


Yet the poet would rather use humor -- as long

as it brings a smile, to welcome you into the heart of Aztlan,

a nation within a nation, one that seeks safe zones for all people...



In the final analysis, what the poet wants

is what all human beings want.


So trip with the poet,

have a taco on your way, one you like,

and munch on Chicano Popcorn,

vitaminas de La Raza,

no cholesterol,

and welcome to Aztlan...


Translations can be funny:

Once, in a Vietnamese translation of his children's book, and play, El Tesoro de Pancho Villa, Pancho Villa was translated as 'Pancho Village,' (Pancho Pueblo).



as one scholar said,


"...Nephtali De Leon is more to the point..."



Marcienne Roccard in her book

Les Fits du Soleil, (Children of the Sun), , La Sorbonne,

Paris, France