Virtual Love

  by  Nephtalí   

and they met on the net

e-mailed each other their hearts

and would date on yahoo nights

and chatted away

with a dozen or so

virtual freinds

nobody thought it was weird

when they began to navigate

with anybody's date

they even forgot

who met who first

so long as their modem worked

nobody griped

even when they crashed

at each other's site

they were window voyeurs

who made love

on their tabletops...

the morning after

they ran

to their cpu

see pee you

nervous and scared

turned their units on

oh they were wired

their hearts were on fire

as they came online

in broadband orgasmic interface

and they knew this was the place

for real abstract love

without even once

stepping out

to be kissed by the moon

perfect icon gleaming

in the microsoft night!